Hippies are Organic! (2)

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord had such a good time with organic pizzas and smokes that He had go back for day 2!

This time he took the time to check out the unconventional accommodation and its organic occupants.  Nothing better than a cup of organic green tea made with solar heated hot water.

And check out their wares.

If the shoe fits… He bought these to battle kawaii wannabes.  Win with pixie booties.

They even gave Him his own mini circus.  High as a kite!

They made sure the Lord was the star of the show!

His very own big top!

Jesus approves of colour blocking!

He recommends that you seek out your local hippy fest for organic playtime!

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak 


Sweet Sweet Sunday

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord is happy that Sunday is here again!  Over the centuries He has been bombarded with prayers for a 5 Sunday week.  The shambolic Sunday last week has made Him reconsider His answer, maybe more Sundays in a week is beneficial so that you may effectively make up for poor judgement calls.

He makes up for the last chaotic Sunday by heading to the pub for a few games of pool and a few cold pints.

He loves a game of pool.  Balls, sticks, bending over, chalk action and bum cracks!   ♥

Jesus sometimes can’t cheer up the genetically miserable.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak 

A Sunday Kind of Love

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Messiah was listening to some classic tunes* in the shower and was inspired.  He too needs “a love to last past Saturday night” and He’s “hoping to discover a certain kind of lover“.  The firefighters got Him all hot and bothered under the collar.  He decided to take an aimless stroll to let of some steam.

Choosing the right path is always difficult.  Left or right?

He ended up here!  (Sydney’s Kings Cross!!)

We cannot go into detail how He ended up here.  Everyone has shameful moments, He is no exception.

His Holiness apologises for the lack of continuity in the photographic material.  He had a bout of post coital dysphoria** and deeply regrets his actions.  Can’t always love ’em and leave ’em!  He has resolved that next Sunday he will go to the pub and play pool instead.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

*Etta James’ Sunday Kind of Love.  Available free for your listening pleasure at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfNLspDL3ns

**Post coital dysphoria:  Occurs post satisfactory nookies when a person should normally feel a sense of general well-being and experience muscular and physiological relaxation.  Sufferers become depressed, tense, anxious, irritable and show psychomotor agitation.  Sufferers often want to get away from the nookied and may become verbally or even physically abusive.  The disorder is more common in men.

It’s the Weekend!

Dear Jesus Lovers,

although the Messiah is not gainfully employed, He still looks forward to a bit of chill time.  It’s Saturday!  And if He should see fit to bless you with warmth and sunshine, go converge at beer gardens and all other establishments of pleasure.  Carry this pleasure on way into the night for unlike Him, you only live once.



All beer is good.  Work hard so you may be able to afford better varieties.


He gets all the best invites.


Go forth and make the most of your weekend. 


Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak