Caramelise The World…

Dear Jesus Lover,

it’s that time of year for me to plan a partay!

Once a year you illuminate phallus shaped objects in my honour.

Mammary gland disguised as rotary device – nice one zumbo!

Tasting the party food amongst his villagers.

Kawaii animae GROs*!

Going in for the purchase, not just the average free – sample. Trying is for buying.

Roman catholics provide the best service. “Milo, please!”

Spares, cos Santa ALWAYS rapes the buffet.

Happy ending. Always.

Don’t forget this is the season for giving not just receiving. Be silly but safe.

God’s choice:

Adriano Zumbo Patissier: 80 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

* GRO = guest relation officer.



Breakfast at Ladurée!

Dear Jesus Lover,

the famed establishment Ladurée to indulge in breakfast.

Needless to say they gave Him the best seat in the house.

The hot chocolate was sooo sinful.  Must have been Satan’s work.

Doing the tourist pose near a window.  Positively beaming!


They made an exception to the no photos rule for the Lord!

His Holiness was extremely impressed with the high standards of service and the devilishly delicious breakfast.  He will be back to polish off the macaroon tower.

Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak