We Have Word!

Dear Jesus Lover,

we have word!  The Mexicans sent us these photos.  And a little hand written note.


Please click on image to read the note.



We are set to meet them tomorrow to collect the Lord and pay the ransom.

Wheeze & SQueak






*A big thank you to the Two Notty Boys for their YouTube video How to Tie the Zip Snare – Rope Bondage Knot Tutorial available for your academic development at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naxvA8Nh_HI


Mexican Cartel Takes Jesus

Dear Jesus Lover,

His Holiness decided to take a stroll in the park this morning to take in the sights of home again and smell the smoke-free air.

He was sitting on the bench humming Amazing Grace to Himself when He felt a tap on His shoulder and hard object being pressed into His side.

Initially He felt excited about this unique pick up line.  Then He realised their intentions were not honourable!

They’ve taken Jesus!!!

We are beside ourselves with worry!!!

Wheeze & SQueak