Shiny, Glittery Things!!

Dear Jesus Lover,

after The Lord enjoyed getting in deep at the beach He decided that He was sufficiently satisfied.  Now off to meet His laid-back children and spread His good work.

He dusted of the sand…

Unfortunately he was unable to get all the sand off, especially in those hard to reach places.

… and ran into these pretty, young do-gooders!!!

Meter maids*

He praised them for their good work.  These young ladies pound the pavements in their gold bikinis doing the good deed of topping up your parking meter.  All this in the name of SFA at the beach!

They parted with a ménage à trois smooch

This made The Lord feel warm and fuzzy.  Nothing like attractive do-gooders as it is meant to be.  His encounter with these lovely ladies has his trip made!  He walks around with a spring in his step and sand in-between his toes.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak


Taking it slow…

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord has decided all the excitement of the last few days is a bit much.  Today He takes it slow and just soaks up the atmosphere in the glorious city with a wander in an antiques market and a quick visit to Musée de Cluny (National Modern Age Museum) in anticipation of His visit to the Louvre.  Taking it slow – cultural foreplay!

The Messiah loves how even the art depicts Parisians as androgynous beauties!

Love how his suffering is depicted in gold.  Blinging!

He doesn’t remember getting Himself into such situations and blames it on the cross-eyed tavern owner who said the wine was on the house.

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.  Everybody needs a bosom.

Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak