Pinacoteca for me…

Dear Jesus Lover,

continuing on from the theme of soaking in the culture yesterday, Jesus is off to the Pinacoteca di Brera . A lovely art gallery that used to be an old convent. He knew that there was always better uses to convents than storing nuns.

Parking his bicycle.

Like all things Milanese, plain on the outside, fabulous on the inside! Follow the arrows!

Nothing new. Walking the convent corridors and  looking down on his children.

Although The Messiah again was not allowed to photographs his doings on the inside, no trip to a museum is complete without a visit to the gift shop.

Frivolous spending at the gift shop.

Jesus got postcards of his favourite paintings from the gallery. On the right another Last Supper by Rubens. Not quite as good as Da Vinci’s. No knot, no ripple effect and they may have broke the bread too early. On the left The Kiss by Francesco Hayez shows 2 lovers kissing with a shadow lurking on the left. Don’t you hate peeping Toms! Other works that took him down memory lane included the marriage of his mother and The Holy Conversation.

If you send an email with your name (real or one made with good fakery) and your mailing address  to the Little Messiah will send out one of these postcards to you. He loves buying useless crap for his children.

Afterwards he enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Obika. It may be a chain but it is no McDonalds!

This is how the last supper should have gone down.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak