Spend! Spend! Spend!!!

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord has wined, dined, soaked up enough culture to last Him a good few lifetimes and smoked enough slim cigarettes to make the Marlboro man look so last decade.  Only one thing left for Him to do in this magical city – spend an obscene amount of cash (yes, CASH. Not cards because cash is truly king).  Where better to do this than the magical Avenue des Champs-Élysées, with its luxury speciality boutiques and the rows of pretty clipped horse chestnut trees?



Got a bit of traditional French leather love.  Even the ladybirds in France have good taste.

The Lord got paparazzi-ed when He posed for a snap with the famous Arc de Triomphe.  The celeb life can be so hard.

He is France personified.  Beautiful, androgynous, dressed in nothing but The Kooples, skinny and a slick slick waxed chest.  Jesus LOVES His Frenchies.

He had to stop to have some homemade gelato to cool Him down after His visit to The Kooples.  3 cones!  He gave them a good lick and decided it was too good to spit.  A definite swallow.

He’ll be back for He has fallen in love with His own masterpiece.  Au revoir Paris!

Rock Sur,

Wheeze & SQueak  



The Louvre – Part 2

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord made his way through all the great pieces of sculptured art.  He stopped to marvel at a great pair of legs and an ample bosom more than once.  His masterpieces deserve a lingering second look.  Damn those inappropriately dressed American tourists!!!


The only gender giveaway.  And it’s subtle.

Who needs the Creation of Adam?  Move over Michelangelo.  I am the new black.

His own temporary display.  Kneel before Him!!

His Holiness found a more appropriate throne.

Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak  


Taking it slow…

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord has decided all the excitement of the last few days is a bit much.  Today He takes it slow and just soaks up the atmosphere in the glorious city with a wander in an antiques market and a quick visit to Musée de Cluny (National Modern Age Museum) in anticipation of His visit to the Louvre.  Taking it slow – cultural foreplay!

The Messiah loves how even the art depicts Parisians as androgynous beauties!

Love how his suffering is depicted in gold.  Blinging!

He doesn’t remember getting Himself into such situations and blames it on the cross-eyed tavern owner who said the wine was on the house.

Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.  Everybody needs a bosom.

Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak