Dear Jesus Lover,

there can only be one person in Heaven and on Earth who can say that and not come across as a retard, Mary Poppins!  The Lord could not miss out this opportunity to support His nanny in her venture into theater!

He misses the days when she did the laundry.  The Holy Ghost can’t seem to get the linen properly white since she left.*

God the Father told Him, “There’s no making her do anything.  Not her.  She’s Mary Poppins.”  “But you’re God! You created everybody and everything.  They have to do what you say!”  “Not her,” said His Father once again, and he scratched His golden beard flecked with silver.  “I didn’t create her. She’s Mary Poppins”*

Rock on,

Wheeze and SQueak

*Inspired by ‘The Problem of Susan’ in the mind blowing genius collection of short fictions and wonders, Fragile Things by a genius of our time, Neil Gaiman.