A Sunday Kind of Love

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Messiah was listening to some classic tunes* in the shower and was inspired.  He too needs “a love to last past Saturday night” and He’s “hoping to discover a certain kind of lover“.  The firefighters got Him all hot and bothered under the collar.  He decided to take an aimless stroll to let of some steam.

Choosing the right path is always difficult.  Left or right?

He ended up here!  (Sydney’s Kings Cross!!)

We cannot go into detail how He ended up here.  Everyone has shameful moments, He is no exception.

His Holiness apologises for the lack of continuity in the photographic material.  He had a bout of post coital dysphoria** and deeply regrets his actions.  Can’t always love ’em and leave ’em!  He has resolved that next Sunday he will go to the pub and play pool instead.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

*Etta James’ Sunday Kind of Love.  Available free for your listening pleasure at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfNLspDL3ns

**Post coital dysphoria:  Occurs post satisfactory nookies when a person should normally feel a sense of general well-being and experience muscular and physiological relaxation.  Sufferers become depressed, tense, anxious, irritable and show psychomotor agitation.  Sufferers often want to get away from the nookied and may become verbally or even physically abusive.  The disorder is more common in men.


Sexually Frustrated

Dedicated to Jesus Lover Lee to show that he isn’t only one with frustrations.

Dear Jesus Lover,

not everyone is lucky to get it when they snap their fingers.  And not everyone has an extra £20 to spend on “affection“.  The good Lord has given you the gift of the Internet, and free websites where you can be “affectionate” alone (or in a group) and in the comfort of your own home.  But do not take liberties with your ISP* and the agreed download limit.  Even His Holiness has limits.

Click for full effect.

The King quotes the King’s Speech.

Surf wisely.  Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

*ISP = Internet Service Provider