Melbourne Swag

Dear Jesus Lover,

we have saved the best of Melbourne for last.  The trendiness of the city makes it impossible to have just one absolute favourite place to spend His Vatican bonds.  Who better than the masters at Harry Wragg to show the good Lord how to mix vintage and new.  It also helps that they really do have the best A-grade shit in town!

Mim shared with His Holiness the delights of one of a kind shoe designs.

The Lord even managed to sneak a little fun in the changing rooms!  It was a case of “What happens in Melbourne, stays in Melbourne” for this Brit tourist!

Group photo with His churchmice and the newly acquired fashion investments.  Armed with these acquisitions, the trendy generation will have no choice but to take notice of the Saviour, even if it’s the outfit and not the preaching.  As the marketing gurus say, “Any attention is good attention!”.

The Lord was spent after that fashion flurry at Harry Wragg.  He learned a few lessons on how to up His swag.  This called for a trip to Koko Black!

It was just what the doctor ordered….

Since He had His fill of milk chocolate, He had the tart and got some dark chocolate for later.

 The Lord is pleased with His flock in Melbourne, they have excelled at the most important aspects of life; food, fashion and opulent surroundings.  He will be back with more Vatican bonds to check that they have made further progress.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

Get some swag at Harry Wragg.


J’adore Paris

Dear Jesus Lover,

the Messiah is bored and has decided to book up a last minute getaway.  He could not resist The City of Light where his children are all chic and the food is sinful.  He is busy referring to the ultimate travel Bible – Lonely Planet to plan the perfect mini getaway.  His Holiness intends to bless the Eiffel Tower, soak in some culture at the Lourve and be wide-eyed at the Moulin Rogue.  He is packing air fresheners and razors just in case the rumours are true.  Grooming habits should never take a vacation.


Parisans, je vous aime et vous quitter!*

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

*Parisans, I will love you and leave you!