Firenzi’s Ferragamo

Dear Jesus Lover,

Firenzi is famous for the Renaissance but it is also famous for footwear. Jesus could not give up an opportunity to view the works of another of his talented Italian children, Ferragamo, who fit some famous smelly feet!


Finding a shoe that may fit. Heels or no heels?

The Ferragamo museum was most insightful on the current shoes being produced by this fashion house. Clearly what is old is new again ….

…or maybe just sheer lack of genius

Viewing the shoes were not enough, The Messiah had to go to the original store and perform some conspicious consumption.

“Open sesame!!” Tax refund = 10 % discount!

Yet another great Florentine! Fendi!

He finished his night off at this cute Florentine tratorria.

 Lust and gluttony, cute waiters and I want them all!

The Little Messiah retired with a full belly and *hic happy with the view.


Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak



Menial Tasks

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Messiah has not given in to the trappings of the celebrity lifestyle.  His Holiness insists on expereincing the daily menial tasks that life has inflicted upon his flock.  Just like everyone He becomes hunter, gatherer and provider at the local supermarket.

Stocking up on Tequila shot and margarita supplies.  He likes to show the “chickas” a good time.

Wine and cheese platter for the next holy communion?

The Messiah’s favourite movie – Pineapple Express. He likes anything to do with greens (over analysis of this is required).

God likes to go organic in foods – not grooming!

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak