Take Me To Amalfi

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord is done with these city folk (ie. american tourist) and is heading off to the Amalfi Coast. Like a true Italian; he does not want to spend summer in the city!

“Trenitalia Eurostar – free snacks to those in first class”

Claudio the driver – manoeuvred the hairpin turns of Amalfi like a pro.

(Jesus still couldn’t help himself but backseat drive)

True SFA

Jesus wants to remind all his readers that whale watching should only be done out at sea. He smites those that spoilt the scenery by making him “beach whale watch” instead.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak


Shiny, Glittery Things!!

Dear Jesus Lover,

after The Lord enjoyed getting in deep at the beach He decided that He was sufficiently satisfied.  Now off to meet His laid-back children and spread His good work.

He dusted of the sand…

Unfortunately he was unable to get all the sand off, especially in those hard to reach places.

… and ran into these pretty, young do-gooders!!!

Meter maids*

He praised them for their good work.  These young ladies pound the pavements in their gold bikinis doing the good deed of topping up your parking meter.  All this in the name of SFA at the beach!

They parted with a ménage à trois smooch

This made The Lord feel warm and fuzzy.  Nothing like attractive do-gooders as it is meant to be.  His encounter with these lovely ladies has his trip made!  He walks around with a spring in his step and sand in-between his toes.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

* http://www.metermaids.com

SFA Thursday?

Dear Jesus Lover,

sometimes you must NOT impose restrictions upon yourself.  The Messiah heeds this philosophy and heads down to Surfers Paradise.

Feels the wind in his hair and in between his toes

He is glad to know the lifeguards are on standby but he is not disrobing to jump into the sea today.  Holy water must remain a scarce commodity!

Lifeguards are like condoms, always at the ready.

The Lord got comfortable..

Better than latex mattresses with a good view.

He can let his hair down knowing there will be no parking fines.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak