Dear Jesus Lover,

the Lord’s schedule has been packed full of travel and decadence in the last few months.  He’s begun to see the side effects of the good life – lovehandles!  He decided its high time He shape up before His upcoming trip to the Far East (Hong Kong!!!).  The Messiah decided it was high time to update his fitness related wardrobe.  More Lycra would be good motivation!

Boinggg!!  He tested the display and decided that He might purchase one for His extra-curricular activities.

He didn’t understand why these didn’t come in different sizes.  Those “parts” were never standard issues.

The ladies section caught His eye and He got into a passionate discussion about which type of garment was better.  This?

Or this?

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak 


A Catholic Priest Never Changes His Collarino

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Louvre takes 312 hours to cover.  He needed a break from all this culture and some of them were repeats hanging in His local pub so he couldn’t be bothered to act impressed.  So he went for a breather, to drink His blood and have a fag.

He was enraged to see that they hadn’t invited Him to join them.

And the woman didn’t even meet the usual standards.  Have standards. Raise the bar and keep it high.

So now He shakes his fists at the world.


Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak