Easter: Crusade Against Racism

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord has decided to interrupt the updates on His Melbourne adventure to speak to you his flock about an issue that is close to His heart – RACISM.  Even though the Lord did not make His children equal in terms of appearance, endowment, personality and intelligence He sees no need to parade the ‘gift basket’ He has bestowed upon you with arrogance.

Please take 3:19 minutes to watch the following video which is a compilation of scenes from the Easter themed family movie, Hop.  Although the movie was released in 2011, the issues highlighted and the fight against racism are timeless.

In view of this and as a tribute to this hardworking species, the Lord has enlisted the help of chicks to awaken Him.

Who better for the job than Carlos and his crew?

Like the song, they braved crossing the border to go to His His Holiness.

I will follow Him, Ever since He touched my heart I knew,

There isn’t an ocean too deep, A mountain so high it can keep,

 Keep me away, away from His love.
I love Him, I love Him, I love Him, And where He goes, I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.
We will follow Him,(follow him) Follow Him wherever He may go,(uhh, uhh, uhh …)

 There isn’t an ocean too deep … (too deep) A mountain so high it can keep, Keep me away, away from His love…

They even managed to slip past the German guard dog, a Reh Pinscher!*

Their faith was put to the test.

They said Gloria


Their faith was rewarded!

They rejoiced!

Carlos will always be Carlos!

Happy Easter Jesus Lovers.  The Lord calls upon you his flock to continue the crusade against racism!

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

*Hermano : Brother

*Reh Pinscher: Miniature Pinschers originated from Germany and they called them Reh Pinschers because they looked like the small red deers.

*Gloria: ‘Glory Be’ in Spanish. Glory be to the Father,  and to the Son,  and to the Holy Spirit,  as it was in the beginning,  is now, and ever shall be,  world without end. Amen.

*No se acuerda el cura de cuando fue sacristán: ‘The priest doesn´t remember his days as a verger’ On escalating to more influential positions, it´s a test not to forget our humbler days and continue being understanding of people of lower standing.


Slinking Through Sydney….

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord is apologetic about the slight hiatus in posting.  He has been tied up doing the obligatory tourist thing with SQueak when Wheeze came for a visit.  It’s a good thing His churchmice know the importance of Him having a good time!

He decided the best place to start was close to home, hitting the tourist spots along Darling Harbour.  So off they went to WILD LIFE!

He used this opportunity to visit some of his creations and show His love doesn’t discriminate.  He loves all creatures, big, small and even ugly.


And stupid.  Like the Emus.

And lazy.  Like Koalas whose species have single-handedly elevated the phrase ‘Eat, Sleep and Shit’ to greater heights.

He was economical and purchased the Combo Pass so they could go to the Sydney Aquarium too.

He was not impressed with the lighting which didn’t highlight His favourite features.

 Some of the exhibits reminded him of the Amalfi coast.  But it was obviously no substitute and lacking His shrivelled, leathery, overcooked followers.

 He was pleased to bump into Ariel of ‘The Little Mermaid’ fame  (he’d seen pictures of her in the tabloids recently and sadly it looked like she had let herself go).  She had obviously had some work done.  Same-same but different texture.   His Holiness also commented on how women have become more plastic in the last 2000 years.

He also took a snap with his old fabled pal M. Dick!

His Holiness also noticed society’s renewed fascination with sex and how much importance is placed on size.  He had a little giggle since He did not make every equal!  The Lord hopes that this joke will long continue and has left it in the very capable hands of authors, editors and publishers of children’s  books to continue drilling it into the next generation!

He decided he had enough with the tourist in Sydney and thought His churchmice deserved a treat – TRENDY MELBOURNE!

Rock on!

Wheeze & SQueak