“One of your will betray me!”

Dear Jesus Lover,

today The Lord is headed  to the Santa Maria Delle Grazie where he will reminisce about the old days.

On time for my appointment!

In order to prevent further deterioration of the mural, no photography is allow! No exceptions. Even if the star of the shot is not the painting. Good thing Jesus has spread his word about good fakery!

“Da Vinci, my favourite child!”

Jesus is very fond of Da Vinci. A twisted mind that from years beyond his grave still manages to conjure up controversy that keep the church current! Is that John or Magdeline? Jesus and Judas – body double?

Dear Jesus Lover, can you spot Da Vinci’s knot?

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak


Parco, are you ready for me?

Dear Jesus Lover,

after a hard day at the office, facing nails, Jesus thought that it was a well deserved day off. He is headed to Parco Sempione.


First stop Castello Sforzesco!


Getting cultured – admiring Da Vinci’s ceiling painting. “Geeze I am talented for creating him. “

Admiring the green pasture and feeding the ducks! Its life’s simple things.

Playing a little hide and seek.

Height prevented shooting some hoops but He gladly bounced balls.

“Ok Squeak, can we go home now?”

When in Milan, you mustn’t pass up an opportunity to view the fresco of the last supper. How badly deteriorated is it now? The Lord will go and find out.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

Size Is Everything.

Dear Jesus Lover,

today The Messiah comes face to face with his fear of nails which now a relic in the Milan Duomo. One of the 4 largest cathedrals in the world.

Gothic, gone wild!

Light my fire. BLOW my candle!

“Somethings are best laid to rest, I am not one of them.”

Also facing his fear of nails, especially the one that secured him firmly to the cross.

“I am your religious 7-eleven!”

Sorry about the skin and head Bartholomew. What happens in the The Caspian Sea, stays at The Caspian Sea.

Circumcision without margins.

You know the feeling when you just keep cutting in hope to make it better, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Back alley doctors are well familiar with this feeling.

Jesus will be lightening the mood next time with a visit to a happier place at Parco Sempione with SQueak and their matchy matchy red hats.

Rock On,

Wheeze and SQueak

Checked In.

Dear Jesus Lover,

upon reaching the train station, The Lord decided that he has had enough of rubbing shoulders with the common folk and took a taxi to his accommodation.

He chose a place close to work. The Milan cathedral is the forth largest cathedral in the world and he foresees repeat visits may in in order.

Living La Vida Moda!

“This robe is much better than the rags I have on, its even in my colour.”

Bidets are essential. Washing is policy. Not negotiable!

Just a humble breakfast tray.  Who said gluttony was a sin?

Today Jesus will be recovering from his jet lag and will be hitting the streets of Milano tomorrow, in the meantime he will be practicing his much needed SFA and enjoying an apertivito at the bar.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

I Am Milanese If You Please…

Dear Jesus Lover,

title adapted from one of the Messiah’s favourite Disney classics – Lady And The Tramp!!

After a 26hr flight with a transit in Abu Dhabi, The Messiah has finally reached Italy. He is glad to have his two feet firmly on the ground and to escape the potential threat of deep vein thrombosis from flying cattle class.

Following the designated signs.

Continuing with the theme of poor man travel – he took a train to Milan Central

Glad to see the arrival committee in place.

The Lord wanted this to be a low-key affair so he slipped past the greeting committee and made his way to the hotel. He preferred them to be celebrating Assumption Day* instead of tending to his every need, that is what his church mice are for.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

*Assumption Day: 15 August, the day of mother Mary’s passing and where she was brought up to heaven.

Italia – Booked!

Dear Jesus Lover,

Jesus apologises for his hiatus. He is off to Italy, where his houses reign supreme with their renaissance, baroque and gothic architecture. Those Milanese mafias never fail to attempt to bribe their sins away!!

He has been busying blessing the streets of Sydney ensuring he balances out all the sins here before he heads off.

Last on his list – visit to his minion, the travel agent.

Shiny, glossy travel brochures!

He cannot wait!! Pope the homes better be of decent standard!

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak