Haute Couture

Dear Jesus Lover,

in order for The Messiah to visit Italy without any ripple effects, he decides to get a custom made outfit.

Keeping up with the colour-blocking trend and fingerstaches!

Haute couture just for me – only the best

Love tailoring, the Italians better live up to my standards

With his suitcase ready and tickets booked, it is only a matter of time.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

Living La Dolce Vita?

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord has long contemplated this phrase. He has decided that it is about time The Vatican pays for a little work expense trip – to Italy!!

He plans to spot check his beautiful creations to see whether they are utilising all the facilities that he has provided in their cities and that they are not there just for money making.

Some light reading for itinerary planning. It pays to plan ahead!

His Holiness will be visiting…. (wait for it)..  Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast. God needs a holiday!

So The Messiah tottles off, how shall this be made a surprise visit?

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

A Night In At The Westin

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord awoke to ringing. He didn’t quite understand, was it from all the boozing the night before….Oh wait, what is this? The phone was ringing. It was an old friend from his travels!

She was in town, unlike his previous shenanigans, she preferred to have a low-key catch-up instead and discuss His recent adventures. He headed off to Sydney’s Westin for some luxury. Sometimes the common quarters can be abit of a bore.

He tested out the king-sized bed, yep passed

“Will I get a stiff……back?”

Some room service on the company! “$50 for a t-bone, oh well…I’ll take it, I love a good piece of meat.”

Time to get clean… it’s policy!

 Dont forget to soak and scrub in-between the toes, even the camel one.

Fluffy miniature towels – check! Look at my shiny crown!

Blessing the already valueable valuables


No night is complete with a little mommy-child role play, read me My Story!

Infantilism* at play.

Happy ending?

Don’t you love it when old friends visit? Maybe it’s time for The Messiah to visit some of his old friends.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

* Infantilism:  characterized by the seemingly uncontrollable desire to wear diapers, due to reasons other than medical necessity, and/or be treated as an infant or toddler. Within the community of such diaper wearers, one who engages only in the erotic or sexual aspect of diaper wearing without experiencing any accompanying regression fantasies is known as a diaper lover (or DL). An adult who only engages in the infantilistic play aspect is known as an adult baby (or AB). An adult who may experience both of these things is referred to as an AB/DL.

For further academic development in this area please consult the genius that is Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraphilic_infantilism

**Sarong Party Girl: describes a local, solely Asian woman (e.g., a Chinese or Malay girl) who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men.

Further academic development in this area is available at: http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/singapore/expat_guide/543/sarong_party_girl.php


Rush of Blood to The Head

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord was taking a walk along His building when he came across familiar pleasure giving devices – ropes and harnesses!

Restrain me!

Like all good submissives he followed the rope….

So many implements! This will be the best ride of his life.

Getting ready for some absailing baby!

Loves a good game of Snakes and Ladders!

Getting at it from different angles!

Sydney city backdrop!

Best left to those with experience!

Children – don’t try this at home, leave it to the professionals.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

Embrace Technology!

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord loves an Apple. Therefore, He made it a forbidden fruit as He does not like sharing. Adam just couldn’t keep his grubby paws off!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that The Messiah will be off in the near future to visit his HQ. However, he would like to keep this visit low-key.

He has decided to go in disguise…whilst facetiming to get a second opinion. He knew Apples were not just good for eating.

Neighbourino – “nothing is ever too thick!”

Who would have though picking a look is so much work. I created looks!

“Measure me baby” – I’ve definitely overused this line before.

What next – custom made outfits?

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak

A Night At The Movies

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Lord has decided not to spend his night indoors. Instead, he is heading to Sydney’s Newtown to lead the alternative lifestyle.

I have arrived.

 Checking out the movie choices – love the weathered seating.  Remember to moisturise if not your face will end up cracked like this bench seat.

The Lord decided that the people at Cannes must know a good thing when they see it – Sleeping Beauty it is. Made locally in Sydney.   Also it covered his favourite topic – nudity, deep throating and prostitution.

 “I will skip the popcorn this time” The Lord loves his androgynous children – best of both world, useful to the max.

Slumming it up in cattle class.

Thank you Dendy for these artsy films.

Emily Browning thank god I made you, if I do say so myself.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

Bitches…I’m Back!!

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Messiah has decided to make his comeback by hitting the town. Starting the night off with good food and bubble tea COCK-tails are just what he needs. Off to the seedy part of town he heads…..

He arrives at Ms G’s….

Strikes a Saturday Night Fever Pose… Staying aliveeeeee!!!!

Checking out what is on offer…variety is the spice of life!

After sucking on his cocktail, some straw dancing was in order

Even Jesus knows Asians are a superior species, they can do mental math.  Shame about the lack of driving skills.

No night is complete without rubbing shoulders with celeb chefs, George Calombaris and the ever-so-famous Curtis Stone.

 Curtis was happy to see the Messiah.  Like all lessons before – good fakery is important George.

He finished off his meal with dessert and tea…

The Lord then decided that he will pay a visit to the house with the large neon numbers.

Until next time dear Jesus Lovers…

Rock On (The Messiah did long after the cocktails were finished),

Wheeze & SQueak