Dear Jesus Lover,

in line with His recent attempts to shape up, the Messiah is being very careful about what He eats.  Your body is a temple and it’s only right that you do not consume trash.  Too often.  Sushi was the obvious choice.  The cute smiling pussy lured him in!

That hypnotic wave…

He took a quick tour before deciding to order instead of picking the stuff on the belt because He has uncommon tastebuds.

Where’s the sea urchin roe?

Done!  Bill please!

Even the chef couldn’t resist a quick man-hug (hence the sheepish expression).  The Lord was happy to oblige a fan.

His Holiness loves the Japanese and their kawaii objects of enticement and their quick, small filling meals.  Sayonara!

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak  


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