Playing With Plushies

Dear Jesus Lover,

after getting the A-ok from his optometrist The Lord decided that would catch up with some light reading and visit his favourite children educators, Sesame Street!!

“Hello my plushies, it has been a while since I’ve cum to Sesame St!”

He then came across a book – that reminded him of his good little church mice, Wheeze and SQueak in their milder years when they used to bake and care about precision.  He understands that they can be lead astray by puberty, see-through tops, Wonderbras and french designer magic pants.  The Lord has seen the effects and chooses to close one perfect eye on this matter.

When Wheeze and SQueak were prepubescent and innocent.

He invited Oscar the Grouch to reminisce about his once innocent church mice

It then dawned upon The Messiah, life would not be as fun with meek church mice!!  A Revelation!!

Rock On,

Wheeze and SQueak


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