Understanding Currency

Dear Jesus Lover,

The Messiah is happy to have cleared his mind. Taking in the surrounding sights and the fresh air definitely helped him overcome his Stockholm Syndrome. Those knots can get a little tricky and he had trouble untangling himself. Nonetheless, its time to get on with the job. Being a saviour. There has been a marked increase in the netherworld population and The Messiah saw if best to investigate this love for money. He headed to the Currency Museum to find out where it all began.

Getting some background knowledge.  It’s always good to do your homework.

Pacing up and down.

This was currency he was familiar with throwing around.  Splash the cash!

Get to work bitches.  He likes to crack the whip.

He was getting bored and decided to rest his little toes until….

..until he came across the holy coin!!!

He now understands the need for money.  Spend it wisely dear Jesus Lover and The Messiah encourages you to work hard for your pay packet so you can spend it on worldly pleasure like Tequila!

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak


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