C’est là que la magie opère!!

Dear Jesus Lover,

His Holiness’ savings on airfare has allowed Him to splash out on accommodation for Him and His entourage.  Here’s the very private glimpse into His living quarters whilst in Paris.  Now this is where the magic happens!

Luxury accommodation fit for the King of all Kings right in the heart of Saint Germain.

Also conveniently located near one of His branches.  It’s good to mix work and pleasure!

He loved His little smoking spot.  When in France, chain smoke like the French!

Even the minions got a nice view.  Single beds and a shared room meant they were unlikely to get any pleasure out of business.

This is where the magic happens!

This is also where the magic happens.  His Holiness also loved the subtle reference to “you are in the shitter”.*

 He got all excited!

The city of eternal light!

He was so excited he bought a new camera.  Strictly business and claimable.  To photograph the progress of His franchises.

It was all a bit too much to take.  He had to lie back admire his handiwork and think of the adventures to come!

Rock sur,

Wheeze & SQueak 

* French for you are here


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