Dear Jesus Lover,

yesterday’s meeting with the Spaniard has given the Lord food for thought.  He made his way down to the local clinic to take advantage of free healthcare and get a quick once over.  It is no good to resurrect to a body needing work done.

Form filling…

Serious illnesses, accidents  and conditions include crucifixion, stab wound and resurrection.

 He agreed to pee in a container but passed on the prostate exam.  The nurses didn’t look like they would provide him with a happy ending. He also noticed their acrylics and did not want to risk a rectal tear.

He felt comfortable on this cross.

Just a little pull to calm the nerves. The only time gas is good!

He found this slightly unnecessary.

Negative for Chlamydia!!!  Yay!

The doctors gave His Holiness a clean bill of health.  He goes forward with a spring in his step and renewed zest for life.  Play safe and don’t forget the rubber kids!  His Holiness recommends Durex, tried, tested and loved.

Rock on,

 Wheeze & SQueak


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