The Intervention

Dear Jesus Lover,

His Holiness received a phone call from one of his close friends today.  A Spaniard he met during the formation of the inquisition.

“Ola! Jesus se nos reunimos en el parque esta tarde?” *

Jesus yelled “Si” and headed down to the park early so he could frolic in the glorious afternoon sun.  He also never passes up an opportunity to meet a pretty boy.

Jesus is attracted to GREEN pastures.

His Holiness then headed to the playground to romp around and connected with his inner child.

Even Jesus loves a downward slide.

He then met his Spanish friend.  The Messiah offered a game of tag but his Spanish friend wanted to go on the swings instead.

They then sat down and Jesus was like “WHAT THE?”

“Querido Jesús, yo estoy preocupado por su estilo de vida hedonista.  ¿Por qué estás en Kings Cross.  ¿Quiénes son estos bombero y quees el menor con la pandereta.  Usted no puede comportarse así.Puedo estar de pie y ver que usted bebe mageritas, han tequila ycomer helado.  Sin embargo, su promiscuidad no puedo tolerar.  Tu cuerpo es un templo.  Si no te portas bien te golpeó.  Por favor!” **

(short translation – WTF is going on with you?)        

Jesus hung in shame and replied ” Estimado amigo español, voy a prestar atención a sus consejos.Entiendo que no es fácil decir palabras duras a un buen amigo.  Mañana voy a ver al médico para evaluar la sien.  Gracias.  Aúnmirada joven.  Debe ser todas esas visitas gimnasio.  Tenga cuidado de mi querido amigo, hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar. Eres mi ángel” ***


They parted with a friendly cuddle.  The Messiah realised that it is not so lonely at the top after all.

 Rock On,
Wheeze & SQueak
* Hello Jesus, would you like to meet in the park this afternoon.
** Dear Jesus, I am concerned about your hedonistic lifestyle. Why are you in Kings Cross?
Who are these fireman and who is the minor with the tambourine?!  You cannot behave like this.  I can stand by and watch you drink mageritas, have tequila shots and eat gelato.  But your promiscuity I cannot tolerate.  Your body is a temple.  If you do not behave I will hit you.  Please!!
*** Dear Spanish friend, I will heed your advice.  I understand it is not easy to say harsh words to a good friend.  Tomorrow I shall see the doctor to assess my temple.  Thank you.  You still look young.  Must be all those gym visits.  Take care my dear friend, until we meet again.  You are my angel.

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