It’s Getting Hot In Here

Dear Jesus Lover,

Saturday is upon us again. The Lord was wondering what he should be doing. He decided to pay the local fire fighters a visit to pat them on the back for helping with the overcrowding situation in the netherworld.

They were very pleased to see the big man up there!!

Jesus then continued to check out their equipment.

Riding with the professionals!

At this point during his Holy Visit, Jesus’s little disciple could not take the pictures due to forseen circumstances.  True to their inherent live saving nature, the firmen saved the day.  Taking the next shots.  Big props.  We avoided a foot stamping situation.

Jesus is a generous man.  Loitering so His disciple could enjoy the moment.

Jesus loves gender equality!

You always know how to reach them.

Dear Jesus Lover, cliches always hold true:

1. The Lord creates opportunities.

2. Fire fighters are a divine species.

A big holy thank you goes out to the crew at the Darlinghurst Fire Station.

Rock On,

Wheeze & SQueak

(The Messiah apologises if this post was more giggly schoolgirl than stinging wit.  He will be back tomorrow.  Wet dreams y’all!)


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