Sabbath Sunday

Dear Jesus Lover,

this wonderful day has come again.  It’s SFA Sunday!  The Lord rejoices with you.  But do not forget to give thanks and show your appreciation by filling your day with earthly pleasures.  His Holiness is spent from yesterday’s many pleasures and just wants to enjoy some alone time and the sand between his toes.

Hit the beach!

He prefers nudist beaches so He may admire his handiwork.

Sun worship!

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak


2 responses to “Sabbath Sunday

  1. Hey there mini Jesus..
    I see you like nudist beaches..
    Please tell me which ones are the best..
    And forget the lousy rest..

    You see I Live in Singapore..
    This place is such a bore..
    We do have warm sandy beaches..
    But its filled with Orcs and Witches!!

    Though I Know they’er still your creation..
    Please mini Jesus! Help me with THIS frustration!
    Send more time on your handiwork here..
    Thou shall not live in fear..

    k Thanx Bye!

    • Dear Jesus Lover Lee,

      the good Lord is very pleased that you have taken time to construct fine prose. He has blessed you with warm sandy beaches and tropical weather but you can’t have your cake and eat it. You Singaporeans want everything, I hope a personal visit from his Holiness will rock your socks. He will be in contact soon. As a token of His appreciation, tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to you. Keep your hands out your pants.

      Rock on!

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