Getting Groomed And Then Some..

Dear Jesus Lover,

you must remember to be well-groomed. It opens the door to many opportunities. The Messiah’s dishellved spiky bed-head look does not come easy.  God is no exception.  Jesus has to share the same wash basin as everyone else.

But he gets a full body suds bath.

Catching up on a little light reading.  2011 years has taken its toll – time for a little botox?

Making new friends with Melissa  (The Messiah starting to dabble in “dollification”?)

Jesus loves an “otter” apprentice.  Third year apprentices only – no rookies.


God has to pay – no exceptions!  He choose to go cash free.

Jesus is a big tipper.

As we have said dear Jesus Lovers, grooming opens many doors.

God’s choice:


They keep you coming back.

Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak


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