It’s the Weekend!

Dear Jesus Lovers,

although the Messiah is not gainfully employed, He still looks forward to a bit of chill time.  It’s Saturday!  And if He should see fit to bless you with warmth and sunshine, go converge at beer gardens and all other establishments of pleasure.  Carry this pleasure on way into the night for unlike Him, you only live once.



All beer is good.  Work hard so you may be able to afford better varieties.


He gets all the best invites.


Go forth and make the most of your weekend. 


Rock on,

Wheeze & SQueak



4 responses to “It’s the Weekend!

  1. ahh sweet mini jesus i got drunk today…
    i punked on my pants, what can i say?
    i heed your beer garden calling..
    till i can’t walk, i’m falling..

    sweet sweet mini jesus what should i do?
    i can’t find my way back..
    hey is that an igloo?
    sweet mini jesus, what the heck..

    • Dear Jesus Lover Lee,
      May I suggest a change of pants? You also get a gold star for listening to the lords words. I will bless you and your igloo always.

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